Karen and Juan Morel are the brains and brawn behind My Cookie Dealer, LLC. Juan is a professional bodybuilder who is known for being able to put away crazy amounts of food on his cheat day. Karen has always baked for those she loves, little treats to show she cares. But a love this big, for a guy this big, required a big cookie!

Karen started making cookies for Juan and all it took was one of those cookies to be packed in a meal for the gym and the cookie coveting was in full-force. People wanted to know how they could get their hands on these bomb cookies. So Karen made more. The requests from friends and family were more than their kitchen could handle. Karen started baking in their best friend’s bakery in the middle of the night and selling out of the back of her blacked-out SUV by day – making clandestine deals in the parking lots of bodybuilding shows.

What started as a joke between Juan and Karen – her cooking up a supply, Juan slinging “the goods” from his bag at shows – became a way of life. Hushed parking lot trades gave way to internet deals for those who were in the know. It wasn’t long before they outgrew the part-time gig and the space. They moved into their own bakery in 2019 and run the cartel full-time.

There is nothing more important to Karen and Juan than friends, family, and friends that become family. My Cookie Dealer is truly a family company and a labor of love. Everyone here at My Cookie Dealer is grateful for your part in this crazy adventure we are on – journey with us as we keep spreading that cookie love and riding that sugar high!



Aka My Cookie Dealer